Vanilla fragrance diffuser

Is your company celebrating a special event and you want to offer a CE gift to your employees? Consider making them happy by choosing a captivating gift like this vanilla-scented diffuser. It's a simple and useful corporate committee gift that won't end up in the back of a drawer.

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Events in a company are occasions to express your satisfaction to your professional partners for their dedication. Giving a CE gift allows you to reconnect and express your gratitude for your collaboration. It is therefore important to choose your employee gifts carefully. Think of a gift that has class like this vanilla fragrance diffuser available on our gift catalog works council.

Vanilla fragrance diffuser, a CE gift that is a pleasure to receive

The gifts THIS are an excellent way to maintain relationships with work partners. It is a corporate gesture that has all its effect to encourage your employees and to build a positive image of the company. A well thought-out corporate committee gift, whether expensive or inexpensive, is always touching when it comes to something that stands out. This vanilla scent diffuser is perfect for a coworker gift idea. Indeed, the vanilla scent is the expression of something lasting. It is a scent that most people love.

Give a current CE gift

To please your employees, choose a corporate gift that is not out of date and out of the ordinary. It always has its effect. This vanilla fragrance diffuser is composed of aromatic vanilla oil without alcohol, in a bottle of 50 ml, and wooden sticks. Its transparent gift wrap makes it a luxurious and carefully prepared CE gift. Which is a plus. The packaging is 4.5cm long, 3.6cm wide and 17cm high with a net weight of 144g.

Personalize your gifts for more originality

A personalized CE gift shows that you have prepared it with care. It is also an opportunity to promote your business. So have your company logo registered on your diffuser to make it a more original gift.

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