Intense black design smartwatch

A connected watch as a CE gift for your employees or your customers, are you interested? This very modern and versatile little gadget has many advantages. Even with its small size, this personalized CE gift can perform many functions: call, SMS notifications, GPS, etc. It is an essential daily tool.

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This works council gift is perfect for developing and boosting your brand image. It is very trendy, design and elegant which helps to highlight your business. Customizable, this gift optimizes the visibility of your company with your target audience whether they are your employees or your customers.

A CE gift with smart features

Hanging on the wrist, this gift THIS offers various functions, other than giving the time. Equipped with a touch screen, this smart device makes it easier to access the content of your Smartphone. Indeed, you can use it to make or receive calls. It also emits a signal to notify messages, emails, appointments, or all your information on your social networks. You can also use it to locate yourself, thanks to GPS. It is also an effective and practical tool for knowing the weather. For athletes, this gift allows you to measure the heartbeat and the number of steps taken.

A CE gift compatible with Smartphones

This personalized CE gift is a very practical accessory. You can link it with your Smartphone running Android or iOS. To do this, simply activate Bluetooth and you're done! Thanks to this little gadget, you can go to the swimming pool without missing the notifications on your Smartphone. You can do your daily physical activities without having to take out your cell phone.

A CE gift to highlight your company

This CE gift is customizable. You can engrave your logo with your slogan on it, which effectively improves your visibility. For special occasions, do not hesitate to write on this connected watch intense black design personalized personal messages for your customers or employees to please them.The connected phone watch is a personalized CE gift that has been on the rise for several years. It will make people happy among your employees or clients, who will be delighted to receive this trendy accessory. In addition, it will reflect a very dynamic and modern image of your business. So why not enjoy it ?

This is a very fashionable personalized CE gift thanks to these different designs and multiple features. It is much more than a simple watch, it is a major asset for all athletes and non-athletes who wish to take care of their health. It automatically detects and analyzes each of the movements performed, whether at rest or while walking, running, swimming or sleeping to take care of your health and get back in shape. Information such as the number of steps, distances, calories burned and heart rate will no longer hold any secrets for your employees or customers.

It goes with you every day and adapts to your lifestyle. Thanks to its elegant design, you can wear it on any occasion, with its silicone strap. It can also give you a daily physical activity goal (number of steps, calories burned, stopwatch, heart rate). As a "smart" watch, it will change the time itself as it automatically synchronises with your smartphone clock to always show the correct time.

Waterproof and water resistant (up to 50 metres), it can also be kept in the shower. And when you're swimming, it detects every move you make and lets you see how far you've gone without having to count the number of laps in the pool. Connected watches, offered as CE gifts, are also designed to track sleep by monitoring and analysing sleep periods: duration and sleep cycles (light and deep sleep), number of awakenings. And if you wish, it can also wake you up at a predefined time on the app with a silent vibrating alarm without disturbing your partner.

Touchscreen : 1.22 inch IPS

Memory : 128 MB + 64 MB

Wireless connection : V4.0

Drums : 320 mAh Li-ion

Micro SIM

Network : GSM 850/900/1800/1900

Operating system : Nucleus OS

Dimensions : 45 mm in diameter

Thickness : 14.5 mm

Login : wireless with Android and IOS phones

Functions : phone calls, messaging, directory, clock, calculator, calendar, BT application, pedometer, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, alarm clock, recorder ...

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