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Gear rose gold phone watch

If you want to give a CE gift worthy of the name, go for a connected watch. Impress your employees and make an impression with this Rose gold Gear phone watch. It is an ideal gift idea for works councils looking to please their employees and customers.

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Ultra trendy these days, this technological gadget is very popular and is the envy of many people. Perfectly design, modern and practical, it constitutes a CE gift essential. This type of employee gift will surprise you! Indeed, it allows to create an emotional and lasting bond between the recipient and the company..

The ultimate CE gift: A rose gold Gear phone watch 

The end of the year is approaching, give a corporate committee gift of prestige to your employees to show them your gratitude. Currently, high-tech has become the gift of reference, so opt for the latest trends like this watch phone. It has flawless performance thanks to its Exynos 800 MHz processor for the Samsung brands. Without forgetting its screen 1.63 and its LHon DE 315 mAh battery offering an autonomy of 25 hours. It is equipped with a 1.9 MP camera, a Bluetooth 4.0 system, a SIM card holder and a 4 GB memory. It adapts to any type of use, whether professional or no.

High-tech CE gift: A gift to mark the spirits

The advantage of this type of employee gift is that it does not risk disappointing the recipient. Indeed, everything that relates directly or indirectly to the new technology can only be appreciated. This is all the more true if it provides certain daily utilities such as calls, messaging or the camera.

A quality CE gift to enhance your image  

Within a company, this watch phone Rose gold gear is very practical because it improves communication. By its color and its quality finish, this personalized CE gift offers a perfect design capable of seducing. It can thus enhance the image of your company. With a well-defined customization area, your company name or logo won't clutter the object.

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