LG white phone watch

More and more in vogue, communication by object has become an effective strategy. It helps develop the notoriety of a company by popularizing its visual identity. Currently, the choice of a corporate gift is high-tech, which represents the preferred communication medium for business leaders.

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Offer a corporate gift high-tech gifts can be used to thank loyal customers or to reward deserving employees. Among these high-tech business gifts is this white LG phone watch. Very fashionable and above all very coveted, it is the ideal element to optimise your communication strategy..

A powerful corporate gift: White LG phone watch

First of all, a well-chosen gift must be both design and useful, whether it is the great classics such as pens or the more advanced corporate gifts such as this watch. Indeed, this LG G WATCH connected watch in white as high-tech corporate gift This year's end-of-year model is sure to make people happy. It has a 1.65 touch screen and an Android Wear version. It also has a long battery life of up to 36 hours. And don't forget the Bluetooth option and the pedometer enabled with its 400 mAh Li-Polymer battery. This smart accessory has a 1.2 GHz microprocessor, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal capacity.

Original corporate gift: A waterproof connected watch

This watch has the advantage of being water and dust resistant, which makes it a trendy, quality corporate gift. Quality is not only measured in terms of price, but more importantly in terms of manufacturing. This watch is very powerful thanks to its Android Wear operating system and its robustness. Especially since high-end products are currently available at low prices.

A corporate gift that can be personalised with the company's image

As a corporate gift, the watch phone The white LG can be personalised with your company's logo. A successful communication campaign depends on a well-chosen medium. That is to say, to get a message across, the ideal is to offer a personalised, high-end corporate gift. This allows you to give a dynamic personality to your brand image.

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