Glossy black color weather station

Perhaps some of your targets deserve to receive a more original promotional gift than the key chains? Don't know what to get them? Choose this weather station. This high-tech gadget will be perfect as goodies for clients and VIP prospects.

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You want to make an impression with the Goodies What are you giving as a gift? Think of this weather station. This state-of-the-art accessory is as practical as it is aesthetic and is sure to please the person for whom it is intended. This is the kind of promotional gift that will certainly enhance your image with your targets.

A state-of-the-art corporate gift gadget

Do you want to maintain your modern and innovative corporate image? Then you are making the right choice with this "great colour" projection desk clock as a promotional item. This high-tech object has an LCD display showing the date and time, the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also acts as a hydrometer. But its real asset, the one that makes it the best, is the corporate advertising gift is the fact that it can project the time in red. Innovative, isn't it?

Corporate goodies for all budgets

You might think that such a high-tech gadget is expensive. Not at all! This weather Channel in glossy black is affordable. No matter what your budget is, one thing is for sure, you can afford these goodies. It is a cheap promotional gift that you can offer at trade fairs, seminars and other special events to which you are invited. Offering such a corporate gift gadget can only enhance your image with your various targets.

Weather station: for personalised goodies with your image

The best promotional item you can give out is often not the most original. It is the one that will immediately refer to your company that will be the most successful. That's why a personalised promotional item is always the best choice. By choosing this desk clock with projection, you are making a wise choice. It is possible to add a logo or a promotional message.

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Color : black
Cut 11 x 15 x 2 cm
Net weight 0.185 kg
Gross weight 0.265 kg
Carton weight 2.65 kg / 10.60 kg

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