Philips black wireless TV headphones

The majority of companies, SMEs or large companies, use the advertising object to convey a message. Until today, communication through the object is an infallible technique to motivate employees. Thanks to technology, a high-tech corporate gift is even more effective, as is the case with this black Philips wireless TV headset.

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Today, high-tech products have become a classic in corporate gifts. Everything that concerns technology will be able to mark the spirits. If you want to show your interest in your professional circles, choose business gifts striking and prestigious.

Wireless TV headphones: a perfect end-of-year corporate gift

As original corporate gift, the Philips black wireless TV headphones are the perfect gift for your employees for the holiday season. Very trendy at the same time, walking around with this type of accessory can only catch the eye. Especially since it is a state-of-the-art technological device combining performance and modernity. Indeed, it is an infrared wireless headset with sensitivity of 108 dB, a frequency range of 18-20,000 Hz, with alkaline batteries included. With a battery life of 30 hours, it is perfect for listening to music or watching TV while guaranteeing comfort of use for hours of listening. This type of corporate gift is one of the latest trends of the day to be absolutely privileged.

Personalize your business gifts Specialist in end-of-year corporate gifts, we offer quality wireless TV headsets to make personalized gifts to your employees.

This kind of corporate gift lends itself perfectly to custom advertising branding. Available in black, one of the most elegant colors, you can integrate your company name or logo. Made with quality and resistant materials, this helmet offers many possibilities for customization. By choosing this high-tech product to offer to your employees, be sure that they will constantly keep an eye and an ear on your brand.

A high-end corporate gift at a low price  

Despite the quality of a headphone TV Philips wireless black, they are offered at very competitive prices. You can acquire a high-tech product even on a limited budget. Our many specialists in personalized corporate gifts provide you with a wide choice of high-tech catalogs at discount prices.

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