Thomson black wireless TV headphones

Are you looking for essential high-tech accessories to offer to your customers? Purchase a beautiful Thomson black wireless TV headset as a customer gift. A real fashion accessory that is both trendy and useful that your customers will surely appreciate. These are the kind of business gifts that make you dream.

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Over the years, the high-tech customer gift has succeeded in going beyond its status as a simple company gift to become a true and indispensable fashion object. Indeed, indispensable, practical, trendy and ingenious, these connected products can gradually replace classic goodies.

Offer and surprise your customers with a TV headset 

To surprise your customers, buy a Thomson promotional headset featuring UHF wireless technology with high-frequency signals of around 2.4 GHz and a very advanced reception area. Both lightweight and adjustable with a soft padded headband and supra-aural cushions for maximum comfort, these TV headphones allow users to listen to music for hours. It is also compatible with other devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. So don't wait any longer and offer your customers more than a promotional item, but a real personalized customer gift beautiful, useful and striking for an exceptional impact.

The advantage of offering a high-tech customer gift

The advantage of this type of corporate gift is that customers can carry them anywhere. Exposed to the public eye, these TV headsets represent an interesting advertising medium for your company and demonstrate a high-tech identity. In addition, they offer well-suited personalisation areas that do not clutter the object, but instead make it more design and sophisticated. By using your customer gift on a daily basis, your brand image will be conveyed wherever the user goes, whether at work, at the market, during sports sessions, etc.

Personalise your customer gifts

If you're looking for a unique and memorable year-end customer gift, look to customisable audio headphones like this headphone TV Thomson's black cordless phones. They are available in different shapes and materials and can be personalised with your company name or logo. This is how you can spread your brand image through your customers.

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