Gray and orange bagless vacuum cleaner

You don't know what to give as a customer gift to your employees for the holiday season? Why not make them happy with this Eco-Clean vacuum cleaner! This personalized customer gift will make your customers happy. It is efficient and easy to use for cleaning the floor.

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A business gift idea for employees is important for the development of your company. You will be able to reward and thank your customers in a more convivial and warm way. This tool also allows you to perpetuate your professional relationships. It is also a strategic way to boost your company's visibility to other prospects.

Business gifts for simple and effective cleaning!

This personalized customer gift has an ergonomic shape that makes it practical. It has a telescopic tube that can be adjusted in height. This means you can use it without any difficulty to clean the floor, the underside of a cupboard, the top of a shelf, etc. This customer gift does not require a dust bag, which is good for your wallet. You no longer have to buy dust bags. It has a 1.25 litre container that can be easily removed for emptying.

Powerful business gifts

This customer loyalty gift has a power output of 700 Watts. Depending on the result you want to achieve, you can adjust this electronic power. This machine is suitable for all types of floors. You can use it on packages, tiles or carpet. This vacuum without the grey and orange bag is strong and durable. The materials from which this customer gift is made have been carefully selected. The motor is equipped with a washable protective filter to extend its life. This device comes with a number of accessories. There are 2 HEPA filters and an adjustable floor brush.

Aesthetic and elegant business gifts

This customer gift is very attractive. It is available in two colours: grey and orange. Its elegant shape makes it worth giving as a customer gift. This device can be personalised according to your needs. You can engrave your company name or a personal message.

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