Bosch All Athlet design vacuum cleaner

Corporate gifts that are fun to receive are those that find their use in everyday life, in the office and at home. To show your satisfaction to your customers and thank them for their loyalty, this Bosch All Athlet vacuum cleaner is a business gift idea that has everything to grab attention.

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You want to offer a corporate gift captivating? Think about giving a company gift that is out of the ordinary like this All Athlet hoover from Bosch. It is a device that has everything to please in addition to its functionality, it is powerful and has a design that is noticeable at first glance.

Bosch All Athlet design hoover, for a practical corporate gift for everyday use

You are looking for a company gift to give to your customers for a special occasion? This designer Bosch hoover is the kind of gift that makes you want to give. Suitable for cleaning all types of floors, it can be used on both hard floors and carpets. Very functional, it offers an easy grip and optimised handling. Its ease of maintenance will make it a corporate gift that other customers will covet. With its rechargeable lithium power batteries, it is lightweight. It's a great device to have in your home.

A satisfied customer is a loyal customer

To build customer loyalty, giving quality business gifts is an idea that should not be underestimated. A satisfied customer is a customer who remains loyal and can attract other potential customers. This Bosch All Athlet design hoover is a wise choice. Its function as an upright hoover is extremely efficient and offers very practical handling. This is an advantage. It is rechargeable and can be used anywhere without a cord in the way. It has an autonomy of 65 minutes. It is a gift item that offers the privilege of cleaning without too much effort and enjoying a very design device.

Add value to your company gift by personalising it

A personalised corporate gift is a gift that is unique and original. Personalise your gift to make it stand out. You can put your logo or company slogan on it.

You have 3 levels to modulate the power according to your needs:
Level 1: for vacuuming small dusts with maximum autonomy.
Level 2: to vacuum common dust with an intermediate autonomy.
Turbo level: for deep vacuuming of difficult dusts with a shorter autonomy.

Thanks to SensorBagless technology, sensors constantly monitor the airflow of the BCH6ALL ATHLET so that your appliance is always optimal. As soon as the filter is saturated, a red light illuminates and indicates that the filter needs to be cleaned.

Quick and easy emptying of the bin: in just one press you detach the bin and it is easily replaced.

It has a practical 3-level battery level indicator.
It stands up on its own and without support with its parking position: no need for a wall to lean on and no risk of falling. Light and handy, it is also easy to transport.

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