Gray and orange eco vacuum cleaner

Treat your employees, offer them this Eco-Clean brand bagless vacuum cleaner as goodies! This high quality device will showcase your business. In addition, this equipment is efficient, practical and also aesthetic. So, don't wait any longer, stand out from your competition, opt for this promotional item!

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Many business leaders are asking why it is important to offer communication objects to customers. These accessories are a way of building loyalty among business partners. Giving them gifts at the end of the year is a gesture of gratitude and recognition. You will therefore be able to build a warmer and friendlier relationship.

Energy-saving goodies!

Who wouldn't want to receive an energy-saving device? This promotional item has a power of 700 Watts. It can clean your floor efficiently and economically. In other words, this promotional gift is efficient without increasing your energy bill. It should be noted that this power can be adjusted electronically. It is up to you to choose the level that suits your needs.

Practical goodies to complete household tasks

This personalized advertising object is equipped with a telescopic tube. You can therefore adjust its height to suit your needs. This is very practical for accessing all levels. You can easily clean your floors, under furniture, etc. This promotional item also comes with an adjustable floor brush. With this full range of accessories, this device can be adapted to all your requirements.

Accessorised goodies

This promotional gift is a bagless device, which is practical because you no longer need to clean the bag after each use. In addition, you don't need to buy new dust bags. However, it has a container that is easy to empty. This vacuum Eco grey and orange is equipped with two HEPA filters. This practical promotional item is equipped with rubberised rollers that are perfectly suited to wooden floors. This promises a long-lasting use of the device. It is made of high quality materials and its motor is protected by a fully washable filter.


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