Camel backup battery

Are you looking for the ideal promotional item to offer at trade fairs and other events in which you attend? Bet on this camel-colored backup battery. Design and practical, and above all inexpensive, this promotional gift will help you to best promote your business, without exploding your budget.

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To make your mail campaign a success, offer a high-tech object of the moment like this mobile charger. Now that everyone uses a smartphone, giving a personalised battery backup as a promotional gift is the best way to promote your company.  

Power bank, a high-potential promotional item

The objective of the distribution of the promotional item is to promote your company. This high-tech gadget will help you achieve this goal. This 10,800 mAh battery backup can help techies who can't live without their smartphone. With this mobile battery, they can charge their smartphones and other mobile devices even when they are far from a power outlet. One thing is certain, your promotional gift will accompany them on a daily basis. It will give you free publicity, so why hesitate?

A cheap but reliable promotional gift

Whatever your desire to stand out to your customers and prospects, we know that you have a precise budget to respect for the purchase of your goodies. By opting for this power bank you can carry out your object campaign in the best possible way, while scrupulously respecting the budget you have set yourself. Despite its many advantages - compact size, fast charging, neat design, light weight - this technological jewel remains accessible to all budgets!

A promotional item that you can personalise

Sometimes the most classic gadgets can become original and unique promotional items. This mobile charger is a perfect example. Simply add a slogan, logo or promotional message to make it a personalised promotional item, which will immediately refer to your organisation. This will only serve to perpetuate your image over time, so why deprive yourself?

Power 10800 mAh
Fast charging : Yes

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