Chrome mirror backup battery

To keep good business relationships with your customers and business partners, it is best to occasionally give a thoughtful corporate gift. Running out of ideas? Turn to this mirrored backup battery. It is a design business gift that can only please those who receive it.

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You want to offer a corporate gift which combines elegance and practicality? This backup battery is a great choice. Both useful and stylish, this high-tech gadget will not disappoint. It is an original corporate gift that will undoubtedly allow you to win the hearts of your various targets.

A corporate customer gift that's sure to please

The company gift is offered to thank a client or employee for their loyalty and trust. This is why we must ensure to offer an object that is likely to please its recipient. If you don't want to take unnecessary risks, go for a daily essential gadget like this battery backup. This accessory that allows you to charge a mobile device without having to plug it into the mains is one of those must-have high-tech gadgets. It will certainly appeal to the person for whom it is intended.

A corporate gift that will enhance your image

The corporate gift that you give should also reflect the brand image of your company. To preserve your notoriety and your professionalism, opt for a good quality product like this power bank mirror chromium. Performance level, there is nothing to complain about. With a power of 5,000 and 10,000 mAh, it can fully charge a mobile device. On the design side, everything is also on top! The soft and matte part favors the comfort of the grip, while the smooth half gives it a modern and very elegant side.

A customizable corporate gift

Are you looking for a personalised corporate gift? You are also making the right choice by opting for this power bank model. Its design has been specially developed to accommodate the personalisation of your choice. You can have your logo or a personalised message written on it. Don't forget that the best business gifts with the most potential are those that are branded with the colours of the sending company. The Mirror Power Bank has a small mirror, perfect for checking how good you look. The Linon Pro has a simple, yet professional look with its black and white colour block and sharp edges.

1x USB output port (connect 1 device to charge)
1x micro USB port in the port (used to charge the power bank is supplied with the cable)
Power = 5000 mAh
Input / Output = DC5v-1A / DC5v-1.5A
4 Indicator lights to determine the power status

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