Original box calissons fruity scent

Discover this corporate committee gift box filled with Le Roy René fruit-flavored calissons. Offer it to your colleagues to thank them for their work and effort. When the end of the year comes, it's time for your business staff to enjoy the holidays. Share this beautiful moment with this wonderful CE gift.

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Hightech Gifts suggests this luxury employee gift to works councils who want to find something to amaze their colleagues during the holiday season. Offer them this CE gift will be a nice way to thank them and show them that you celebrate the best moments with them.

A corporate committee gift high quality

Le Roy René is a great manufacturer of calissons whose reputation is well established. But despite its success, it is not one to rest on its laurels. By reinventing himself at every moment, he manages to offer new and impressive variations of his diamond-shaped cakes. It is by going above and beyond that he has been able to produce this unique EC gift. And it's not just the sweets that are creative, the box for this gift for coworker is also captivatingly beautiful.

A tasty CE gift

In addition to being pretty and attractive, this CE gift is very rich in flavour. This box The gift box for employees contains 4 different kinds of Le Roy René calissons and they are all fruit flavoured. The personalised CE gift box contains cuddly cakes with raspberry and matcha tea, clementine and cocoa beans, fig and walnuts, and a chocolate and hazelnut variation. Although the flavours and tastes are different, these cakes have one thing in common: they are extremely delicious.

A kdo CE for the whole family

Young and old alike will be charmed by this box with its original style. The colourful fruit designs on the designer box invite you to share the sweetness with your loved ones. The taste of each sweet will delight everyone. It's a gift that's sure to put a smile on the faces of your company's employees. This is a great gift idea that will make an impact.

This box contains 4 variations of calissons :

Raspberry and matcha tea: the fruity sweetness of raspberry enhanced by the greenness of matcha tea.
Clementine and cocoa beans: the freshness of the Corsican clementine magnified by the bursts of cocoa beans.
Fig and Walnut: the softness of the Solliès fig paste with the crunch of the walnut.
Chocolate & Hazelnut: the gourmet marriage of Gianduja chocolate and hazelnut.
Size and weight of an exceptional calisson: 5cm for 10g.

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