EMTEC Gold plus 8 GB micro SD card

Are you looking for the perfect corporate gift? Opt for the EMTEC Gold plus 8 GB micro SD card. Its modern design and usefulness make it an ideal corporate gift idea for future business occasions.

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The EMTEC Gold plus 8 GB micro SD card is a corporate gift ideal to offer in these festive times. It is also a very useful corporate gift, both on a personal and professional level. What could be better than giving a useful item to satisfy your social stakeholders?

A corporate gift for everyday life

This corporate gift is very useful. With the evolution of technology today, data is mostly digitised. Therefore, a medium is needed to transport them, hence the usefulness of this corporate gift. You can also give it as a corporate gift for a customer or a company. corporate gift for employee but also as business gifts for your employees. Moreover, as it is an object that is used on a daily basis, you can considerably improve the visibility of your brand thanks to its personalisation. Indeed, you will choose a quality and useful corporate gift for your social actors.

A high-tech corporate gift adapted to your expenses

The micro SD card EMTEC Gold plus 8GB is a high tech corporate gift. It is a specially made holder for smartphones and also for tablets. It allows you to increase the storage size of your phone considerably. Thus, it will be more convenient for storing several data at the same time. Moreover, with today's technology, this business gift has a very high copy speed compared to older generations. Finally, you will be able to get it at a really affordable price, which will not increase your internal expenses.

A customizable corporate gift

If you want to stand out to your customers and business partners, opt for a personalised corporate gift. Put your company name on the top of the corporate gift, but you can also personalise the packaging as you wish. The visibility will increase with the quality provided by the product.

Reading speed  Class10 - up to 85MB/s
Writing speed Class10 - up to 16MB/s

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