Organic Christmas fashion tea set

Whether it's food or drink, organic is very much in vogue. It is therefore not surprising that this type of business gift is very popular with customers. Order from Hightech Gifts, a site specialising in business gifts. The site has an impressive range of personalised business gifts.

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Every company, large or small, is well aware of the importance of Gift Business. This is an effective way of building customer loyalty. The company gift in question must reflect the image of the company, particularly in terms of quality.

Organic tea, an unexpected business gift for Christmas

The customer giftIt's like a tradition. At the signing of a contract, at the end of the year, on the company's anniversary, etc., there are many occasions to offer a business gift. At Christmas, customers often expect a gourmet basket. Try a new approach with organic tea, a natural drink with amazing properties. The item offered on Cadeaux Hightech includes 72 individual bags with gourmet, fruity or sweet flavours.

A company gift for the whole family: a gourmet organic Christmas tea box

This gift box is presented in a red "English tea shop" box. It contains 8 bags of Christmas cake, 8 bags of Silent night, 8 bags of Berry savoury pie, 8 bags of Christmas night, 8 bags of Sweetvanillabread, 8 bags of Vanillamint and mango, 8 bags of Vanilla orange and coconut, 8 bags of Coffee cream and 8 bags of White wonderland.

Business gifts on Hightech Gifts, quality at a low price

You don't have to worry anymore about the corporate gift you are going to offer to your customers. The Hightech Gifts website takes care of everything! It offers a wide range of quality business gifts to suit all budgets. Discover all kinds of products especially dedicated to companies.

This box includes:

- 8 Christmas cake bags:
- 8 "Silent night" bags: black tea, cinnamon, cocoa, cloves, liquorice and vanilla for a silent night... because when you love, you don't talk
- 8 Berry savoury pie bags: a nice rooibos tea with bits of apple and cinnamon for sweetness, and hints of raspberry and blueberry for the fruity side of our favourite berry pie
- 8 Christmas Night teabags: white tea mixed with elderflower and blueberry so that the fruit brings out the sweetness of the white tea.
- 8 bags "Sweet vanilla bread": the essential vanilla cake, revisited in black tea flavoured with vanilla and flavoured with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and apple for even more character
- 8 Vanilla mint and mango tea bags: green tea with notes of vanilla, mango, mint leaves, and lemongrass and cinnamon to spice things up
- 8 Vanilla orange and coconut bags: rooibos with the welcome notes of vanilla, coconut and orange peel
- 8 "Coffee cream" bags: a black tea flavoured with coffee and vanilla with a hint of chocolate in the mouth. A so good alternative to our usual coffee
- 8 "White Wonderland" bags:

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