Poker wine box

Are you thinking of rewarding or thanking your employees? Are you running out of gift ideas for them? Why not opt for the Poker wine box? This promotional item will highlight the name of your company. Your customers will be delighted to receive these goodies as a gift.

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How to choose the goodies that you will offer to your customers? As a gift, the promotional item must correspond to your company's brand image. It must also please your professional partners. It must also be personalised so that it can be used as a communication tool. 

A promotional item for wine lovers

Do you think your employees are in love with the products of the vineyard? This object advertising is the right gift for them. This pack consists of a 75 cl wine from a high quality production. It is Château Nodeau. They will be able to enjoy it with friends or family, during the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

A personalised promotional item for those who like to have fun

This box wine poker is very original. Indeed, it contains a very playful poker game to have fun with family or friends. This game kit contains a pack of 52 cards, five dice and chips of 4 colours (blue, red, green and white). With this personalised promotional item, please your employees by offering them the possibility to play poker as if they were in a real casino.

A gift for company employees that can be personalised according to taste and objectives

Personalising a promotional item has several advantages. It is an effective way of optimising your visibility to competitors and also to other entities likely to collaborate with you. This personalised promotional item is also used as a marketing tool. It allows you to improve your professional relations and to highlight your company's name. To benefit from these many advantages, don't hesitate to print your logo or slogan on this pack. For special events, you can add personal messages.

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