Christmas business greeting card

The Christmas business card is a colourful business gift to brighten up the festive season. Red balls for the tree, a pretty lit candle, red fruit covered in snow and a pine cone, this beautiful business gift is a reminder of the festivities.

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End the year on a high note with this corporate gift to your customers and partners. It is an ideal company gift to thank the people who have contributed to your company's success and to solidify the trust they place in you. It is the perfect gift case to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A very festive business gift

What could be better than to offer a beautiful, festive greeting card to your customers, suppliers and employees at this wonderful time of the year? As the weather turns dark and cold, this gift customer or business gift is effective in warming hearts and bringing good cheer. The red colour is a big part of this 4.8×14.8 cm closed model, to tell the recipients that you share these beautiful moments with them.

A business gift preferred

When the end of the year arrives, companies are always looking for the most beautiful and personalised business gifts to show their appreciation to their partners, employees and customers. Cadeaux Hightech offers you this Christmas business card, a colourful business gift to share with them your great joy. Wish them a happy holiday with this delightful Christmas business gift. You can add your logo and a thoughtful message to personalise the card.

A business gift affordable

If you are looking for an effective and inexpensive business gift this year, choose this model of Wish card exceptional. Not only does it bring you closer to the people you plan to give it to, but it is also accessible to all companies. Don't forget, a personalised corporate gift like this one contributes greatly to the development of your company.

Paper from sustainably managed forests (FSC and PEFC standards) and Imprim' Vert printer.

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