Personalized business greeting card

Discover this personalized corporate greeting card that you can choose as a Christmas employee gift. You are completely free to make this CE gift unique and original. What could be better than to wish colleagues a happy New Year's Eve by offering them a personalized CE gift?

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The works councils have several missions and the choice of CE gift ideal for Christmas is one of them. Here is the perfect employee gift to give to the staff of your company. Simple and classy, the article displays small drawings of alarm clock, pencil, telephone and notepad.

A CE gift sympathetic

Giving a gift to thank employees during the holiday season is a great way to tell employees that their work is valued and that the Company Committee is happy to count them in the team. It's also a way of showing them that society shares the best moments with them. To please them, opt for something original and elegant like this greeting card with a white background with small images in blue. It is a very simple and exceptional CE gift.

Customize your corporate committee gift

Hightech Gifts allows you to personalize this card as you wish. It is advisable to add your company logo because after all, this kind of gift also serves to convey the brand. This employee gift will be kept as a souvenir by the employees, so it is in the company's interest to have the logo appear on it. You can also put a nice message on this personalized CE gift to show colleagues that the company wishes them the best. This can help them stay motivated and be more productive.

A cheap corporate committee gift

This Wish card has the merit of being affordable in addition to being aesthetic and authentic. Your works council will not have to pay a large sum to be able to offer it to the staff. This is interesting because the effects of the works council gift can be very beneficial. Indeed, it values employees and their motivation will always remain good.

When creating your card, make sure you respect the 3mm (11 pixels) cutout area on each edge of the card to avoid any problems on your card:
- No essential element (text, faces, etc.) must appear on the 3 mm gray borders of your card
- Do not leave any empty space between your images and the edge in this 3 mm area
- To add a frame, you can zoom out your image in our personalization tools and leave an edge. The frame will be perfect with a thickness of 10mm or more

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