Business gift luxury 8,000 mAh wireless mobile charger

The wireless mobile charger makes the perfect corporate gift. Inexpensive, practical and at the cutting edge of technology, it will be perfect as a corporate Christmas gift. It can also be used as a communication tool, with the silkscreen printing of the logo or any other personalized message.

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The best gift you can give to thank an employee is something that will be useful to them on a daily basis, like this mobile charger. Simple, but so practical, it is the gift in betweentaken to offer, especially if you do not yet know everyone's tastes. Its asset? The possibility of customization to make it completely unique.

Mobile charger: a corporate gift that everyone will love

Are you an innovative and modern company? Prove it to your various employees and business partners by offering them this mobile charger as a end of year gift. At a time when no one can do without their smartphone or tablet, giving a wireless mobile charger as a corporate gift is a great choice. With its ultra thin and light design, its robustness, due to an aluminum alloy shell, it is the practical business gift that fits easily in a pocket or a professional bag.

Give a useful corporate gift

When choosing your corporate employee gift, focus on items that can really be useful to everyone, such as this power bank. It uses wireless induction technology to charge mobile devices without the hassle of cables. Just place any QI-compatible device on it to charge it. It also has two parallel USB ports that can charge devices that do not have QI technology. In all, three devices can be recharged simultaneously on this mobile charger. Without a doubt, this is the kind of business gift that everyone dreams of receiving.

Bet on personalization for a unique corporate gift

Even if you don't have the budget to offer a corporate gift grandiose and expensive, it is always possible to stand out with the personalization of your company gift. By having your company logo or slogan printed on this charger, you make it a one-of-a-kind personalized business gift.

Dual USB output: 2 Power Bank ports with a truly full 8000mAh capacity, provides powerful and stable power for charging your devices. Equipped with two USB ports to quickly charge 2 digital devices simultaneously. The standard USB ports are universal to fit most digital devices.

Qi charger with rechargeable battery integrates a high-power QI wireless charging transmitter and a high-capacity rechargeable battery; works as a QI charging pad or power bank on the Go. Can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously.
Wireless charging, just place any QI-compatible device or Qi-compatible receiver device, no cables or USB interface required, say goodbye to tangled wires and lost charging cables. Check out the best sales corporate gift.

Product size: 115 * 56mm

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