Company gift olives Kalamata Greece

What a perfect combination of Kalamata olives in Kalios olive oil from Greece. It will be a classy business gift for those who love good things and exceptional corporate gifts. This business gift will be adored by its recipients, given the subtlety of the blend.

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The nature of a Gift Business can evoke your respect for your customers. They will certainly be touched by this unusual company gift. It is a customer gift that combines two very high quality products, and this combination makes them even better.

A spectacular business gift

Kalamata olives are a luxury product because of their rarity and the difficulty of harvesting them, and so is Kalios extra virgin olive oil. So when these two elements are combined, the result is a fabulous product, which can serve as a unique business gift. Indeed, in this business gift originalThe oil provides the aroma of the olive, as long as the olive provides a fruity taste to the oil.

A multi-purpose business gift

The olives of Kalamata contain two separate elements. The fruit can be enjoyed as an appetizer or used as an ingredient in cooked dishes. On the other hand, the liquid can be used for delicate frying, cooking or dressing. This product is a business gift that can please anyone who loves good food. Your company will become a star with this kind of attention.

A product to be counted among the most beautiful business gifts

If you have several varieties of business gifts, you can be sure that this product will be among the best. All the recipients will be enthusiastic when they receive and taste it, and you can use it to make your mark and improve your image. It can therefore be useful to personalise it and link it to your identity. Personalised business gifts have the ability to grow your business, and this product should do the same, because of its nobility.

There is a subtle exchange between the olive oil and the olive: the olive oil gives the olive the aroma, and conversely, the olive gives the olive oil a more pronounced taste, close to black fruitiness.

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