Corporate gifts orange beads box

To any company looking for an original, attractive and delicious business gift, we recommend this orange box filled with chocolate pearls from the prestigious Weiss house. For the end of the year or any other special event, this is the business gift not to be missed to thank your customers, employees and collaborators.

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Do you want to celebrate Christmas, the opening or the anniversary of your company with the people who contribute to your professional success? Choose this product gourmet brand as a business gift. Offer a business gift A well thought out gift like this is a nice touch that is not easily forgotten.

A business gift extraordinary

For this prestigious corporate gift, Weiss opted for a very original recipe by combining candied orange peel with top quality dark chocolate. And as usual, the great manufacturer has succeeded brilliantly in this original creation. The taste of this business gift is exquisite, which will appeal to your customers, staff and partners as well as to their relatives, including children. The design of the company gift made of metal, judiciously coloured in white and orange, is surprisingly original.

A delicious company gift

The flavours of Weiss sweets are always a safe bet. Your taste buds will be captivated by the sweet combination of the fine citrus peel and the roundness of the dark chocolate. Each time you taste it, this business gift makes you dream and transports you into a fascinating world. Adults will fall back into childhood with these little cocoa balls. The little ones will be delighted and will certainly ask for more. This is the kind of customer gift that can be enjoyed by the whole family and that promises to make everyone smile.

A business gift accessible to everyone

Often, luxury personalised business gifts are reserved for larger companies but as you can see, this is not the case with this orange bead boxThe most tasty of all. Cadeaux Hightech offers it to you at a very advantageous price to allow you to offer the best of the business gifts to your consumers, employees and collaborators without having to spend too much.

Price displayed for a 75G box.

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