Corporate gifts manseng wine 2017

This Manseng sweet vintage 2017 wine from the great Uby estate is the right business gift to impress your customers and employees on the occasion of a special event. Share your joy, give in a good mood and wish the best by offering this wonderful wine business gift to people who are loyal to your business.

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Hightech Gifts offers you this business gift A first choice gift that you can choose to offer to your customers as well as to your suppliers, service providers and partners to celebrate with them the end of year celebrations, the anniversary of your company or another exceptional occasion. It is a top-of-the-range company gift to be favoured.

A prestige business gift

The people who help you build your brand deserve the best in business gifts. So choose this 60% Gros Manseng and 40% Petit Manseng d'Uby. Its superb golden colour is a direct reminder of luxury. Its exotic fruit aromas invite you to enjoy an excellent aperitif or a refined meal. Its fruity taste is a real delight. If you want to impress your customers and colleagues, don't hesitate to choose this Manseng 2017 Uby as a corporate gift.

A business gift at mini price

Besides being luxurious, delicious, fresh and elegant, this business gift is also affordable. In any case, you can order it here at an attractive price. So don't look any further for the luxury business gift you need, because this one is already perfect and on top of that, it is accessible to all budgets of different companies.

A business gift unique

With its sleek, ultra-classy design and fruity aroma, this business gift wine This sweet and syrupy wine has everything to please. To make sure that your client or partner remembers your company when he or she is toasting at the table, consider personalising this prestigious customer gift. Hightech Gifts allows you to add your logo or a thoughtful note to show your appreciation to the recipients. Moreover, personalised business gifts are always more touching and rewarding.

Vintage: 2017
Grape variety: 60% Gros Manseng, 40% Petit Manseng
Tastes: Semi-dry, sweet and syrupy white
By: Fruity Tastes
To the eye : Golden and intense colour.
Nose: Pineapple and passion fruit.
In the mouth: Frankly round and fresh palate. Clean finish.
Serving temperature: 10 ° C
Service: Bottled
Storage: Drink within 2 years
Food and wine pairing Aperitif, Starter, Foie gras, Cheese, Fruity dessert
A famous South-Western estate located in one of the last areas where Cistoune turtles can be found (hence their logo). A great producer of fresh and very fruity white wines, typical of the region, the Uby estate shows by its regularity of work an increasingly increasing quality. Today, the estate also offers a new range of wines aged in oak barrels, which are among the best value for money white wines in France.

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