Dual red cigarette lighter charger

Do you want to thank a customer for their loyalty? Give him a customer gift that he can use on a daily basis, like this dual cigarette lighter charger. Simple, but practical, it is the gift for customer loyalty par excellence. In addition, you will have no trouble personalizing it with a logo, slogan or a particular message of your choice.

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Looking for new ideas for customer gifts? Think of this double car charger. This gadget that allows you to charge your smartphones even when you're on the move is one of today's must-have accessories. With this type of customer gift that you will be able to build good relationships with your customers.

Car charger: the perfect customer gift for nomads

You know that one of your customers is frequently on the move? The best way to show your appreciation is to give them this cigarette lighter charger as a gift. customer gift. He will surely appreciate receiving a gadget that will allow him to charge his smartphone, his tablet or his GPS when he is in the car, on a boat or simply camping. The main advantage of this car charger? Its two USB ports that allow you to charge several mobile devices at the same time.

Original customer gifts to better stand out

All companies offer business gifts to their customers. If you want to stand out from the crowd, dare to think a little outside the box by offering this dual cigarette lighter charger. Less banal than other gadgets, seen and seen again, it will allow you to score points with your customers. In addition to being practical, it is robust and very elegant, which will only reinforce your image as a reliable and serious company.

Enhance your image with personalised customer gifts

Sometimes originality is not enough! To make a lasting impression, don't hesitate to offer a personalised customer gift in your company's colours. This car charger is an excellent choice. You can also add a logo, slogan or message of your choice to make it a unique corporate gift that reflects your company's image.

Dimensions 4.2 x 3.3 x 6.7 cm
Weight 33 grs

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