7 inch black portable DVD player

Are you looking for business gifts for your social actors? Go for this 7 inch black portable DVD player. Its classy and modern design, as well as its practicality make it a worthy business gift for your business partners.

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With today's advanced technology, it is now possible to have a source of entertainment anywhere and anytime. Indeed, this business gift meets all these requirements and is suitable for everyone. What could be more sensible than to offer interesting business gifts to your employees?

A business gift for your social actors

It is quite difficult for professionals to find some time for entertainment. If it's not work that's holding them back, it's personal business. To remedy this, the black 7-inch portable DVD player is the gift company you need. Both compact and portable, it is suitable for use on the move. So you can give it to your company employees or business partners. But you can also give it as a customer gift. Its daily use allows you to be at your employees' side throughout the day, without forgetting to increase the visibility of your social name. Indeed, you can personalise this business gift according to your needs.

A company gift at the cutting edge of technology

The portable dvd player The 7-inch black gift box has some interesting technological features. It has a 7 inch rotating screen which is approximately 17.7 cm in size. This business gift is powered by a lithium-ion battery for up to two hours of non-stop use. It also has a USB port and a 3.5mm jack for reading files from external media. Finally, this corporate gift comes with a carrying case, audio video cable, remote control and car charger. It also includes instructions for easy use.

A company gift that reflects your corporate identity

It is much better to have personalised business gifts with your company logo. For this, you can put yours in a large size on the shell of the device. This way, your social actors will easily remember you every time they use this business gift.

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