Thomson DVDP10X2 portable DVD player

You enjoyed working with your collaborators and employees. You want to thank them in a very original way. Give them the Thomson DVDP10X2 portable DVD player as a CE gift. Design and perfectly useful, it is one of the best employee gifts we can offer on these festive days.

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If you don't yet have a gift idea for an employee, it's a CE gift highly recommended for your employees. Forget the classic thank you gifts and opt for this new technique that will only increase your reputation and strengthen your professional relationships. In addition, it is a very affordable, state-of-the-art device.

A CE design kdo

If you can't find an idea corporate committee gift, this Thomson portable dvd player is recommended to you. Thanks to its perfect design in black color and its simple and refined style, the members of your works councils will be proud to receive it and will naturally advertise your company by using it in their daily life. It also has a dual screen on which its recipient can view two things at the same time. It is really a must-have device for the most connected.

A great CE gift

The reader thomson portable dvd is a perfect gift to thank employees and to forge stronger links between professionals and to motivate them for future projects. It is an excellent personalized CE gift because of its characteristics and the quality of the images and sounds it gives. Indeed, it is compatible with almost all video and audio formats and returns perfect sound. One of the advantages of this technological gadget is also its ability to be carried anywhere. It is also an essential travel reader for business women and men.

A powerful and autonomous Christmas employee gift

Enhance your company's image by offering a powerful gift to your employees at every event. Give this innovative technological device as a Christmas gift and let your employees enjoy the power of the product and its perfect 2-hour autonomy. In addition, it's easy to use and maintain. Its built-in battery has a 2-hour autonomy. Perfect for watching a movie during a car ride. For more comfort, you can use the car mount to hang your screen.

Supplied with DVD player :
Remote control, power cable, car charger, earphones, car mount.

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