Gift this nougat metal box

Looking for a corporate committee gift that literally has it all? We highly suggest this gift THIS metal box filled with delicious French-style nougat.

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This is the perfect employee gift to thank your company's employees for their efforts and work. The end of the year is the perfect time to strengthen your relationship with your colleagues. For works councils that want to find a great kdo CE for To share this beautiful moment with your employees, Cadeaux Hightech recommends this corporate gift signed by Sophie M.

A gift for coworker rich in flavors

Discover this corporate committee gift A unique, high-quality confectionery box. Sophie M, one of the leading producers of high quality sweets and delicacies, has put an assortment of traditional French nougats in this box. Let your employees taste these authentic sweets. Offer them this beautiful CE gift to show them that the staff of your company is united, and that their work is appreciated.

A corporate committee gift irresistible

It is difficult not to fall under the unique and very attractive charm of this company gift. At first glance, the look of the metal tea box immediately brings a smile to your face. The design and colours of this container of branded sweets invite you to celebrate and have a good time. And inside, there's still a surprise in store, especially for gourmet palates. This personalised CE gift contains breathtaking delights.

A corporate committee gift for the whole family

Given the beauty and quality of this prestigious corporate gift, it is clear that everyone will be seduced. Children and adults alike will enjoy themselves together in a good mood. This is a great speciality from Provence, with honey, eggs and fruit that Sophie M has revisited with brio. In short, the nougat is the CE gift of choice for this year.

Placed in a beautiful metal "tea box", they will make a magnificent gift to offer or to give oneself.

Price displayed for 100g.

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