White gray wine business gift

Offering wine to a customer is a widespread practice in the business world. However, when the Customer Gift is a well-selected bottle, its impact is more intense, and the recipient will feel that they have received special treatment. This Gérard Bertrand white gray will therefore be a special customer gift.

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To be able to offer a Customer Gift that stands out, you can turn to Hightech Gifts, which is a recognized expert in the world of business gifts. With this customer gift he offers you, you are sure to make a splash with your customers. They will never tire of it, and will be very grateful to you.

A very tasteful Customer Gift

This bottle is an excellent customer gift idea with its extreme flavor, which will capsize your partners. It is made from Grenache and Grenache Gris grapes, giving it lightness and freshness on the palate, as well as an elegant finish. This Customer Gift goes very well with several types of dish, such as fish or shellfish, but also Asian and Mediterranean cuisines with spicy and spicy dishes.

A cheap company gift

Despite the superior quality of this vin gris blanc 2017, its price remains attractive. It is not one of the original customer gifts that cost a fortune, which is great for your business. Budget management is always tricky when it comes to the Customer Gift at various events, but this product greatly facilitates the task with its low price and prestige, which can appeal to a large number of people.

A gift to build customer loyalty to personalize

A customer gift is given mainly to thank an employee for his or her trust. In addition, it is an excellent strategy for building loyalty among business partners. To help with this, you can turn the product into a personalised customer gift. This way, your identity will be attached to the product, and the recipients will remember your attention. This personalised customer gift will give you free publicity.

Vintage : 2017
Grape variety : Grenache, Grenache gris
Tastes Rosé d'apéritif
By Tastes : Fruity
At the eye : Very pale pink color, shades of gray and white.
At nose : Aromas very fond of small red fruits.
In mouth : Light pearl that gives the wine all its freshness and enhances the fruit. Elegant finish that develops on a fresh and mineral note.
Operating temperature : 10-12 ° C
Service : In a bottle
Conservation : Drink within 2 years
Food and wine pairings : Aperitif, Fish, Shellfish, Mediterranean cuisine, World cuisine
Recommended agreements : Asian dishes, spicy dishes (Thai curry, tagines)

A former international rugby player, Gérard Bertrand is today an enterprising winegrower covering most of the appellations of Languedoc. In 10 years, the takeover of the family vineyard in Corbières has turned into a company of exceptional dynamism for the region, with three estates and five châteaux. With its modern wines, designed to appeal to as many people as possible, you can hardly be disappointed by Gérard Bertrand's production!

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