2017 triplet wine deal gift

A wine that has won a competition deserves to be included in your list of your original customer gifts. This 2017 triplet bottle should therefore have its place in your catalog. It will be a wonderful Customer Gift to give to your most important customers, or even to your most interesting prospects.

Public price  12 . 25  From  9 . 19 

The talent of Cadeaux Hightech to find a Customer Gift The exceptional quality of this wine has been revealed once again with this extraordinary bottle. He recommends this corporate gift which was awarded a gold medal in Paris at a blind tasting. Your partners will feel flattered to be so honoured by receiving this impressive customer gift.

A deservedly rewarding Customer Gift

It is only logical that this Customer Gift should be awarded a gold medal, such is its unique taste. Made from a well thought out blend of 3 grape varieties, including 30% Cinsault, 20% Syrah and 50% Grenache, this wine has a soft, fresh taste that is perfect for a variety of dishes such as Provençal salads or barbecue. It is a customer gift that will give your partners real pleasure at every tasting and make your company look like a hero.

A high-end customer gift at a low price

Of course, the taste of this triplet wine 2017 is very pleasantly surprising, but even more astonishing is its mini price. It is hardly believable that such a sumptuous Customer Gift is so affordable. It is one of the business gifts not to be missed, because not only will it boost your company's popularity with its quality, but it will also relieve your gift budget to build customer loyalty.

A personalised customer gift for brand awareness

It is not enough to find a good customer gift idea to win over a prospect in the long term or to win the undying loyalty of a customer. In fact, it makes more sense to personalise a Customer Gift to make it more friendly and intimate. With a personalised customer gift, you increase your reputation, because those who see it will see you as a company that is evolving well and that cares about its customers.

Vintage : 2017
Grape variety 30% Cinsault, 20% Syrah, 50% Grenache
Tastes Rosé d'apéritif
By Tastes : Fruity
At the eye : Pale lychee color
At nose Nose: Predominantly fruity with notes of white peach and redcurrant, punctuated by a tangy candy nuance.
In mouth : Fresh, tender palate reminiscent of meringue on a background of yellow fruits.
Operating temperature : 8-12°C
Service : In a bottle
Conservation : Drink within 2 years
Food and wine pairings Aperitif, Starter, Barbecue, World cuisine
Recommended agreements : Provençal salads