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Discover this beautiful box of Weiss brand chocolate, a very special selection of ganaches and pralines. It is the preferred business gift if you want to pleasantly surprise your customers and employees. We present to you this attractive yet delicious business gift that you can give to people who are loyal to your business.

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Christmas, New Year's Eve, the opening of your company and your company's anniversary are special events to celebrate with those who contribute to your business success every day. Give them the most wonderful business gift with this assortment of top-of-the-range delicacy. It's hard to beat that. business gift !

A business gift very classy

This box is as sober as it is elegant. The design and colours of the packaging, adorned with a pretty Weiss ribbon, are simply sublime. This is a change from the usual red and shiny colours that many companies choose for their personalised business gifts. The first thing to notice about this delightful customer gift is its chic and classy look. It is a very refined business gift that invites you to spend the holidays in a calm, friendly and warm atmosphere. We strongly advise you to include it in your catalogue of luxury business gifts.

A company gift rich in flavors

This business gift is an assortment of high quality dark and milk chocolate, ganache and praline. The excellence and good taste of Weiss confectionery is well known and in this pack you will find 34 of them, which have been carefully selected to offer us this magnificent collection of sweets. In the pack, there are 3 Rochet Lait, 3 Palet Or et Noir, 3 Caramel Tendre, 7 Amandine pralines, 4 Caprice Lait, 2 Caraque Lait, 3 Caraque Noir, 4 Fedorah, 4 Rocher Noir, 1 Nougat Noir, 1 Passion and 1 Orangette.

A business gift not to miss

Weiss' best creations are gathered in this box filled with chocolate candy. If your goal is to find a prestigious and extraordinary personalised business gift, we highly recommend this beautiful candy box. It will please everyone, adults and children alike.

Composition: 34 sweets, 11 different varieties + orangettes

3 Rocher lait, 3 Palet or noir, 2 Caramel tendre, 7 Praliné amandine, 4 Caprice lait, 2 Caraque lait, 3 Caraque noir, 4 Fedorah, 4 Rocher noir, 1 Nougat noir, 1 Passion, 1Orangette

Price displayed for a 350G box.

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