Customer gift box of gourmet tablets

The customer gift box for gourmet tablets is a pretty and delicious assortment of 4 chocolates from the Weiss house. It is one of the luxury business gifts to favor this year. It is a business gift with many advantages that will appeal to your customers, but also the employees and partners of your company.

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When the end of the year or a special event is approaching, it's time to find the best business gift to share your joy with the people who put their trust and loyalty in you. Give them this business gift This is a great way to express your appreciation and wish them well.

A company gift irresistible

It is impossible not to fall under the extremely seductive charm of this Weiss chocolate business gift. No one can resist the beauty of this mix of colours, from the most shimmering to the most discreet. But the real attraction of this corporate gift lies in its authentic, intoxicating and exotic aromas. The fragrance of each tablet invites you to go straight to the tasting. In the mouth, this customer gift idea is a pure delight for the palate.

A business gift for everyone

The lot is composed of 4 delights including the Kacinkoa 85 % with its marked bitterness but without acidity, the Ebène 72 % which makes you discover the good taste of cocoa beans from Ecuador, the Lait Entier 37 % which stands out for its rich cocoa taste and its vanilla and soft caramel aromas, without forgetting the very sweet Rouge Baiser 29% which offers the freshness of a white chocolate with subtle notes of lemon and red fruits. In short, everyone can find their favourite treat in this business gift.

A business gift Do not miss

If your aim is to put a smile on the face of your customers, staff and employees, choose this box of 4 Weiss gourmet tablets as a business gift. Moreover, your specialist in personalised business gifts gives you the opportunity to personalise it with your logo or a nice message of your choice to make it completely unique.

Whole Milk 37 %: Delicately creamy milky aromas with hints of honey that give it a spicy finish.

Rouge Baiser 29%: The freshness of a white chocolate with a hint of lemon combined with the acidity of red fruits.

Ebène 72 %: The harmonious blend of Ecuadorian beans brings roundness and softness to the power of African cocoa. A bar guaranteed without added lecithin. Ruban Bleu at the Intersuc trade fair.

Kacinkoa 85 %: Very low in sugar, it is very suitable for type 1 diabetics. A chocolate with a marked bitterness but no acidity, with roasted aromas and toasted notes in the finish.

available in 5 sets of 4 shelves

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