Gift this organic ravier dates

Share sweetness with your work colleagues, choose this package of Deglet Nour dates in an organic dish as a gift to thank your employee. Sweet and tasty, this corporate committee gift is perfect to surprise and please your employees during the holiday season.

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Cadeaux Hightech offers this fruity kdo to all works councils who are looking for a quality product to offer to their employees for the end of year celebrations. This is the kind of corporate committee gift which makes recipients smile, so don't miss it!

A very good employee gift idea

Delget Nour is a variety of Saharan date. Rapunzel, the producer of this company committee gift in particular, has been known since its inception for its specialization in organic farming of these fruits in trays. Thus, its date palms grow without synthetic chemical fertilizers and the workers pick the fruits with their stems by climbing trees and using a sickle. This is to tell you that it is a CE gift whose quality is up to all requirements.

A gift for coworker customizable

Want to give a delicious and authentic personalized CE gift? You have come to the right place. Hightech Gifts advises you to affix your logo or an attentive text of your choice on this original company committee gift so that your colleagues can remember your gesture each time they taste these tasty delicacies with family or loved ones. It's a way of telling them that their work is appreciated within the company.

A corporate committee gift preferred

As you should know, the dates are fruits with multiple virtues for the body. Rich in vitamins and minerals, they are full of sun, sweet and delicious. And since these come from 100% organic farming, they are healthy and reliable. Obviously, this is the cheap company committee gift that proves that you care about the health of your colleagues. The very famous Deglet Nour dates from Tunisia on their stems grown in organic farming, you will love them. They are sun-kissed, sweet and tasty. Dates are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, potassium and magnesium.

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