Sony digital camcorder

It can be difficult for works councils to find and choose the right ideas for employee gifts. Let an employee or associate know their importance by choosing a premium CE gift like the Sony digital camcorder.

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Optimize the well-being and dynamism of your employees and collaborators by offering them a CE gift very practical to motivate and reward them. Giving this digital camcorder as a corporate committee gift can show employees and collaborators that their work is appreciated in order to boost their productivity.  

A gift this quality

A company must find the right gift, which can help promote the work of its employees while respecting its budget. This high-tech accessory is a corporate committee gift of quality which is able to mark the mind of its recipient. Its quality and usefulness can strengthen the relationship with its employees and collaborators who will perceive it as a delicate attention towards them.

A high-end corporate committee gift

The interest of a company committee gift is to nurture the relationship with its employees, collaborators and business partners. This digital camcorder constitutes a high-end CE gift that is guaranteed to fully satisfy its recipient. It is indeed a compact and lightweight device that can suit everyone. It is equipped with a 28.8 mm wide-angle lens, a 6.7 cm screen with a resolution of 230,000 dots and a Dolby digital stereo 2.0 microphone. It can deliver smooth and crisp picture quality that can be streamed directly to large screen TVs in Full HD. It has a 2 megapixel Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor that allows you to shoot even in low light. It can make video and take photos at the same time. The x27 zoom can be used to capture images in the distance.

An affordable corporate committee gift idea

Offering this CE gift can allow works councils to give pleasure without opting for a banal gift and to please their employees and collaborators without incurring a large budget. This digital camera is a personalised CE gift that can satisfy its recipient and at the same time ensure the visibility of the company's brand. The 27x optical zoom makes it easy to film distant subjects. The CX240 features a Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar 29.8mm wide angle video lens, a feature previously reserved for still cameras. This gives you a larger shooting area. This means you can shoot large landscapes, but also groups without having to step back to frame them properly - ideal for indoor filming. In addition to the classic camcorder functions, the CX240 also offers a 9.2 megapixel photo mode on memory card. Ideal for selecting the best snapshots from your movies! Thanks to its Bionz X processor, the camcorder can analyse the images you shoot in real time and automatically choose the most appropriate settings, without you having to do anything. This Intelligent Auto Shooting (iAUTO) mode supports face detection, handheld and tripod shooting, and up to 9 different scene types such as Twilight, Portrait, Landscape, Beach and Snow. It automatically detects faces and automatically adjusts focus, exposure, colour balance and skin tones for crisp, more natural-looking faces in both photos and videos. The camcorder keeps the subject in focus, even when it is moving. Plus, the automatic smile detector automatically captures smiling faces for joyful photos! Take advantage of simultaneous photo/video recording to capture the action at the time. The CX240 also has a "zoom mic" function, which allows you to better capture the sound of the subject you are zooming in on, ideal for isolating a subject's speech in crowd scenes. The sound is recorded in Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0. The 6.7cm screen makes it easy to frame the scenes you're filming and quickly access the camcorder's various functions. The micro HDMI output will allow you to watch your High Definition videos directly on a big screen, without any loss of quality.

The camcorder accepts memory cards in micro SD / SDHC / SDXC format, convenient for exchanging videos when you do not have a computer at hand.
The USB cable (built into the strap) allows you to charge via a PC and easily transfer files to a computer for archiving or editing, without the need for an additional cable.

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