Orbit Theater virtual reality headset

Are you looking for a corporate gift idea to give to your important employees? This Orbit Theater virtual reality headset is a great choice. This high tech corporate gift promises a unique immersive experience. It can only please the person who will receive it!

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Do you want to offer an original personalized corporate gift to your important employee? This high tech helmet is a great choice. Design and at the cutting edge of technology, it will please even the most demanding. This is the kind of christmas corporate gift which will allow you to score points with your various collaborators.

An autonomous virtual reality headset, for a successful corporate gift

You want to offer a premium corporate gift who really stands out? This model of virtual reality headset is a great choice. It is fully autonomous, in the sense that its user will not always need his smartphone to be able to use it. Videos and photos in the smartphone can easily be transferred to this VR headset. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, it is possible to connect directly to the internet and watch videos via platforms such as YouTube or Netflix. Whoever receives such a gadget as a business gift will surely be jumping for joy!

A corporate gift for VIP customers

The best way to thank a VIP customer for their loyalty is to give them a corporate gift worthy of their rank. You are making the right choice by choosing this virtual reality headset as business gifts. It is a luxury corporate gift that will far exceed all the expectations of the recipient. The LCD screens, 2k equivalent, allow you to enjoy 2D, 3D videos and photos. The 6 Axis gyroscope which is integrated into the helmet provides a 360 ° experience. But beyond all this, the main advantage of this headset as a corporate gift is its high battery life.

A customizable corporate gift idea

If you want to offer a personalized corporate gift in the colors of your company, this helmet will also do very well. It is quite possible to have a logo or a particular message of your choice printed on it.

Features :

Equipped with WiFi for Internet surfing and Android 5.1 (OS) streaming

2k equivalent LCD screens Enjoy your 2D, 3D and 360 ° videos and photos

Integrated 6 Axis gyroscope for a 360 ° experience

Large storage capacity: 16 Gb Memory expandable to 128 Gb with Micro SD card 3200 mAh battery (3h autonomy)

Bluetooth 4.0 / Jack 3.5 output / Mouse

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