LG 360 VR virtual reality headset

Are you looking for the best business gifts for your most important partners? Go for this LG 360 VR virtual reality headset. This state-of-the-art accessory will dazzle the person who receives it. This is the kind of business gift that will leave an impression.

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Do you want to preserve the good relations you have with your various partners? Choose high-tech business gifts like this virtual reality headset. This simple, yet state-of-the-art gadget is one of those business gifts much appreciated by all.

LG virtual reality headset: the perfect business gift for the end of the year

Do you want your innovative and modern corporate image to continue? Give this LG brand virtual reality headset as business gifts. Compact and light, it guarantees optimal comfort! Once placed on the nose, it goes almost unnoticed. Its control is relatively simple. It has two buttons that allow you to control the smartphone without having to remove the headset. Just orient your head to select the applications. In short, it's a business gift design at the cutting edge of technology that can only please.

A business gift suitable for technophiles

Do you have a video game enthusiast in your professional circle? You will please him greatly by offering him this virtual reality headset from LG as business gifts. This headset, which incorporates two IPS LCD screens of 1.88 inches each and a realization of 960 x 720 pixels per eye, guarantees an immersive visual and sound experience. Accelerometer, gyrometer and proximity sensors track the movement of the user's head, allowing the scene to be viewed from different angles (up, down, all around, etc. for full immersion). It is an extraordinary customer gift that will surely delight the one for whom it is intended.

Personalized business gifts to better stand out

Giving a corporate gift or personalized business gifts is the best way to promote your company's image to your various employees. To do this, you just have to decorate this helmet with the logo or the name of your company.

Compact and lightweight
It is ultra light, compact and portable to guarantee you optimal comfort.
You don't need to use your smartphone as a screen, so it's not even noticeable on your nose - you won't even know you're wearing it!

360 ° content :
Watch 360 degree spherical videos. Once the helmet is on, you can watch the scene from the angle of your choice: up, down, all around… total immersion guaranteed!

Easy control :
The two buttons on one side of the headset allow you to control your smartphone without having to remove the headset. You are presented with a virtual wall of applications, which you can select by simply turning your head.
You just need to connect the headset to your mobile phone to enjoy virtual reality without limits.

Compatibility :
The 360 VR virtual reality headset is Android compatible. To work, the headset needs to be connected to an LG G5 smartphone via the USB Type-C port. Dimensions 18.56 x 16 x 4.9 cm
Resolution 960 x 720 pixels (per eye)

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