Red mobile charger

Are you running out of ideas for your business gifts? Think about this mobile charger. Simple and practical, this high-tech business gift can only please the person who will receive it. In addition, it is quite possible to personalize it in the colors of your company, which is a plus!

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The best way to make an impression with your business gifts high tech is to offer an object that will be useful in their daily life, such as this mobile charger. By offering this kind of business gift, you are sure to please, even if you do not know the personal taste of the person who will receive it.

A battery backup for practical everyday business gifts

The best business gift that you can offer to your partners and associates is an object that can accompany them on a daily basis. That's why this mobile charger is an excellent choice. It allows for fast charging of smartphones and tablets. It is designed to charge two devices at the same time, which is handy, isn't it? At a time when smartphones and tablets are part of everyday life, such business gifts are sure to please!

A nomadic battery, for a business gift that will please everyone

Giving a corporate or client gift is always a tricky business, especially when you don't really know the recipient's tastes. In order to avoid making mistakes that can damage good business relationships, it is advisable to give a standard gift that can please everyone. This power bank is an excellent choice. It is a very practical gadget, suitable for everyone, regardless of age or status. In addition to allowing two devices to be charged at the same time, it is quite compact and can be attached to the device, thanks to the suction cups.

A company gift that you can personalise

If you want to promote your company's image, it is best to offer business gifts that are personalised with your colours. By choosing this emergency battery, you are making the right choice. It can be branded with a bright logo with your name on it, which not only conveys a good image of your company, but also flashes to indicate the charge level.

Dimensions 8.5 x 4.3 x 2.3 cm
Weight 125 grs

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