Golden oval backup battery

If you are looking for a corporate committee gift idea, take inspiration from new technological trends. With the expansion of technology, turning to high-tech is the best solution for a successful communication campaign. So don't hesitate to offer a golden oval backup battery as a promotional item / goodies.

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This jewel is a advertisment object A timeless and durable product that will enhance your company's image. By favouring high-tech promotional gifts, you will indirectly contribute to the development of your company. With this type of gift, you are sure to gain visibility.

Unique and exceptional promotional item

The end of the year is the perfect time to give a small gift to your customers and employees. An attention that, with the right argument, could send a touching message to your targets. With this golden oval battery back-up as promotional giftYou can be sure that your message will be well received. This powerbank model has a built-in hand warmer and fits all brands of smartphones or iPhones. A 30 cm long micro USB charging cable is included. It has an input of 5 V, 500 mA and an output of 5 V, 1000 mA. Its charging time is 4 hours. Its lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 2200 mAh. It can be carried anywhere thanks to its light and robust aluminium case.

The ideal goodies to thank your loyal partners

Communication through objects consists, among other things, of maximising customer loyalty and motivating employees. The object can be used as a reward for services rendered or as a lever to stimulate the sales force. In any case, with a high-tech advertising goodie, your company will gain an irreproachable image quality. This is why offering a golden battery backup oval is an excellent idea. At the same time, you demonstrate seriousness, professionalism and reliability in the eyes of your customers.

High-tech promotional items: A must-have motivational technique

Elegant, compact and durable, this top-of-the-range personalised promotional item represents a necessary investment in the company. Indeed, a satisfied and motivated employee is more involved in the development of your business. Offering this technological gadget is a strategic solution to boost this motivation.

Article data
Color copper / white
Cut 9.8 x 5.7 x 1.4 cm
Net weight 0.097 kg
Gross weight : 0.205 kg
Carton weight 4.10 kg / 16.40 kg
Packing : 20 / 80
Material Aluminium / Plastic
Native country : China
Sample : max. 5

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