Red speaker set

If you want your advertising campaign by the object to be a success, opt for an advertising object that can be useful to its recipient on a daily basis. This red speaker set will do just fine. It is one of those inexpensive promotional items that allow you to promote your business.

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Are you looking for the perfect promotional gift to give to your various targets? Think of this conference set. By distributing this original advertising objectYou are not only promoting your company. You are distributing an object that can be useful to the person who will receive it.

A very practical promotional item

It is customary to offer pens, USB sticks or key rings as promotional gifts. These advertising items are seen and seen again! If you want to stand out from the crowd, without spending a lot of money, this conference set is an excellent choice. It is a cheap and useful promotional gift for the person who will receive it. It contains an A5 notebook, a 15 cm bamboo ruler, a bamboo pen and 50 recycled sheets. In short, it contains everything you need to take notes during meetings, etc. ;

Conference set: for environmentally friendly promotional gifts

Do you want to convey an image of a responsible company that takes environmental issues to heart? You are well advised to offer an ecologically friendly promotional product such as this speaker's set red in colour. The pen and ruler are made of bamboo. The sheets and cardboard of the notebook are made of recycled material. This is the kind of goodies that can only convey a very good image of your company.

Offer personalised goodies in your company's colours

The promotional item is above all a communication tool. For a better impact, it is advisable to offer a personalised promotional gift, which will immediately remind people of your company every time they see it. This set is again an excellent choice. It is easy to personalise with your logo, company name or a promotional message that you want to highlight.

Set includes: 1 A5 notebook. Recycled corrugated cardboard. 50 recycled sheets with lines. 1 bamboo ruler 15 cm. 1 bamboo pen

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