Samsung 9.6 inch black tablet case

For the end of the year, do you want to please your employees? Thinking of giving them a corporate gift, but you don't know what item to give? With multiple benefits, this Samsung tablet case is the perfect end-of-year gift for your business partners.

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For the development of your business, communication is essential. It improves your interaction with your customers. The corporate gift is a powerful communication tool. It optimizes your visibility with your targets. It develops and sustains the relationships you have with your employees.

Business gifts that protect above all

This corporate gift is intended, above all, to protect your device. Indeed, despite the shocks and the potential risks of scratches, the latter will remain in good condition. This accessory is also intended to cover all the corners of your device. Thus, even if the latter falls, the shock is absorbed. This corporate gift is made of synthetic PU leather. It is tough, rigid and durable. As for the internal part, it is made of soft wool. This allows both to protect and to clean the screen. Thanks to this accessory, your device remains impeccable.

 Business gifts that dress your device

This personalized business gift is available in black. Its appearance is very sober, elegant and aesthetic. This accessory has a remarkable seam. Its cut is very clean. In short, this corporate gift presents a perfect finish. It showcases your device. Its design is also functional. It is easy to learn. This equipment is also pleasant to the touch. It has a magnetic closure. It has a flap that you can use as a support. Thus, it becomes more convenient to hold your device in all orientations and positions.

Personalized business gifts

This shell is reserved for the Samsung galaxy tab E 9.6 inch model T560 or T565. This corporate gift can be personalized according to your wishes. You can put your logo and slogan on it or you can write your wishes or wishes on it.

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