Blue canvas beach tent

Going to the beach is a good way to relax, and this time will be more enjoyable with a tent to avoid sunburn. It is possible to transform this product into a corporate gift to make your customers happy. In this context, your company can contact a Corporate Gift Specialist.

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A beach tent allows you to enjoy the fresh air and warmth in complete privacy, without fear of the sun. It is a good A corporate gift idea, and the recipients will certainly be delighted. A specialist in Corporate Gifts can then prepare this corporate gift for you.

An original corporate gift

A beach tent is very practical for quiet moments of relaxation. In addition, this model of corporate gift for customers is foldable and can be easily stored in its cylindrical case. Its dimensions of 190 x 100 x 106 cm allow it to accommodate 2 adults. It must be said that the Spécialiste Du Cadeau D'Entreprise has done its job well by including this product among the business gifts to offer.

A personalised product from a Corporate Gift Specialist

This corporate gift can be personalised to carry your colours or messages. You can entrust this task to a Corporate Gift Specialist. You can then display your presence wherever the personalized business gift will be installed. This way, not only will you make your customers happy by receiving this original corporate gift, but you can also use it to advertise.

A year-end gift for the occasion

This personalised corporate gift is very suitable for end-of-year presents. This beach tent With its quality and practicality, your partners will be more than happy to receive it, and will be eager to use it when they can finally go to the beach. A corporate gift at the end of the year is a mark of thanks, but also a form of invitation to continue the collaboration. The Corporate Gift Specialist will be able to guide you in your choices.

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Color : blue
Cut 190 x 100 x 106 cm

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