Blue designer beach mattress

A beach mattress is very practical for relaxing and easy to carry. This design model in blue can be one of your Year End Corporate Gifts to reward your customers. This original corporate gift will attract the curious, and you could take advantage of it to boost your business.

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Lying on the beach on a towel can be uncomfortable, but with an air mattress it will be more enjoyable. You can then offer it to your partners as a corporate gifts end of yearand earn their esteem. The recipients will remember this great corporate gift for a long time.

A very practical design gift

This beach accessory is very practical as it can be inflated when in use and deflated when stored. The dimensions of 208 x 132 x 28 cm of this corporate gift can accommodate an adult, or one or two children, as it can support a maximum weight of 75 kg. It will be one of those successful end of year corporate gifts.

End of Year Company Gifts for a great holiday

With this end-of-year corporate gift, the beneficiaries will be able to go on holiday at the beach with peace of mind, as they have equipment that is well adapted. This corporate gift will allow you to fully enjoy the sun and the fresh air, which is the goal during these moments. Its users will therefore be fully satisfied, and will remember you when they think of this accessory that does them so much good.

A personalised corporate gift to arouse curiosity

The unusual nature of this beach mattress will arouse the public's curiosity. Those who see it will want to know what it is about. So, by turning it into a corporate gift with your logo, you could make your brand known and popular. This is also what Year End Corporate Gifts are designed for. Indeed, it is important to give business gifts, not only for customers, but also to attract prospects.

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Color : blue
Cut approx. 208 x 132 x 28 cm

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