Corporate gift summer blue beach mattress

It falls to works councils the difficult task of finding a solution of management of the gifts for the employees, the collaborators and the customers. Giving a beach mattress as a gift CE is able to satisfy them and at the same time ensure the visibility of its brand in a sustainable way.

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It is important for a company to maintain or strengthen its social relations and to show gratitude to its employees or collaborators. This blue beach mattress can be an idea corporate gift ideal for thanking employees or collaborators and for emphasizing their importance. 

An original corporate committee gift idea

The interest of a CE gift is to maintain and strengthen the relationship of the hierarchy with its employees and collaborators. Beach mattresses can work equally well as personal gifts or as corporate committee gifts. These are remarkable gifts that are sure to mark the minds of its employees. This accessory will allow you to surprise them so that they keep a memorable memory of the delicate attention that the company gives them. It can also maximize your brand's visibility with each of its uses.

A high-end corporate committee gift

The CE gifts stimulate and motivate its employees or collaborators in their work. This beach mattress is a design and practical personalized CE gift that is sure to please the recipient. It is indeed waterproof and very practical to carry. It can be inflated during use and be deflated and then rolled up on itself like a bag thanks to its handle. It can also be used for summer outings to the beach, pool, camping or at home as a play mat for children.

A cheap personalized CE gift

This blue beach mattress is an ideal CE kdo for holidays whose functionality and usefulness are guaranteed to appeal to employees and collaborators. It is an inexpensive gift that can help motivate employees without the need for a big budget. It can also highlight the visibility of your brand by personalizing it with your company logo.

In addition, this mattress is specially designed for the beach or the lawn bordering the swimming pool because it is waterproof.
Easy to carry, this mattress rolls up on itself and can be held like a bag thanks to its handle. Hand washable, this beach mattress is easy to clean after a day at the sea.

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