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JBL Boost sound bar

It is essential for any company to maintain and perpetuate its relationship with its customers. Giving this JBL Boost soundbar as a customer gift can guarantee positive feedback on its communication marketing strategy. It makes it possible to forge lasting relationships with its customers and to enhance its brand image.

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Business gifts can be a way of pleasing customers, but they can also give your brand more visibility. However, it is important to offer an original and quality customer gift that is guaranteed to be appreciated and used by its recipients. Find your original customer gift idea on cadeaux-hightech.fr.

An original customer gift idea

It's a customer gift which can be used both to enhance the value of one's customers and to promote one's visibility. It allows you to show your gratitude to your customers for their trust and loyalty to your brand. This customer gift can also give a boost to your marketing strategy. It is a trendy object appreciated by a large public that can maximize the visibility of its brand by its mere presence or use.

An ambivalent customer gift for customers and employees

It is also a customer gift idea It is an ambivalent speaker that is sure to please customers and employees alike. It can be used as both a sound bar and a mobile speaker. It can amplify the sound of your television set via a wired or wireless connection. It can also be used to listen to music from a smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth. This handy company gift allows you to connect up to three devices using NFC technology. The JBL SoundShift function will delight its customers. It allows you to easily switch between the sound of the TV and that of a mobile device.

A quality customer gift for more visibility

This sound bar makes a great customer gift for customers and employees. It is a powerful speaker that can deliver quality sound thanks to the surround function. It is a personalised customer gift with a compact design that can easily fit in a living room. It is also easy to move around and maximises brand visibility.

Compact :
With its compact dimensions (37.6 x 8.4 x 12.2 cm), it fits easily into your home! You can place it in front of your TV set or on a shelf.

Connectors :
It has an optical socket for connecting your TV, a 3.5mm auxiliary input jack and a USB port for firmware updates.

Remote control :
For simplified installation, you can use the remote control you already use for your TV.
A mini JBL remote control is also included.

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