Quality albacore tuna belly

Albacore white tuna is already an exclusive product, given its rarity and exceptional taste. However, when it comes to the belly, the softest piece of fish, it can make an extraordinary Corporate Committee Gift. So here you have a valuable employee gift for everyone.

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A Company gift committee is always appreciated by the people who receive it. But this appreciation will become even more intense with this out-of-the-ordinary works council gift. It is a luxury product that is quite rare, and has a unique taste, which will make its recipients fall under its charm.

A selection of Works Council gifts

The ventresca is the softest part of the albacore tuna, one of the most sought after species. It is this part that has been carefully selected to be included in this tin, and to make a fantastic Company Committee Gift. It is therefore a CE gift of choice, which can also be intended for exceptional partners. Note that this CE gift can be eaten as is, or by simmering it with a homemade sauce.

A nice gift to thank the employee

Employees deserve to be rewarded when they put in a lot of effort for your company. With this in mind, you can award this ventrèche as a Works Council gift after a specific goal has been reached. It is also possible to offer this gift on the birthday of a loyal and honest employee. The same applies to works councils that work hard for the smooth running of your company.

A corporate gift idea to highlight

One of the purposes of employee gifts is to win the affection of the recipients, and subsequently their respect and loyalty. However, to optimise the chances of achieving these results, it is wise to personalise the Works Council Gift. To do this, you have the possibility of inserting or having a message or logo printed on the EC gifts when you order. This way, you will have personalised EC gifts to offer. White albacore tuna is a very tasty, high quality tuna, here only the softest part of the tuna is preserved, the belly. The fillets are of great finesse, prepared by hand, you can eat them plain or prepare them with your own sauce!

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