Cream of duck mushroom delight

A true delight for the taste buds, this Employee Gift will amaze all your senses. Let yourself be taken on a unique culinary journey with this CE gift offered on Cadeaux Hightech.

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The Sauveterre house has the gift of concocting succulent recipes to make exceptional CE gifts. The association of the can and the velouté of porcini mushrooms allows to obtain a harmonious mixture of flavors. Your business can use this preparation to make one Employee Gift for the holidays. Cadeaux Hightech is an online sales site that offers a catalogue of gifts for works councils.

Gift idea for employees: a good little dish to taste

The choice of Original employee gift is a tricky one for works council members. The Hightech Gifts site suggests a rather unusual works council gift idea. Instead of offering a gourmet basket, how about a jar of cane cream porcini delight? This succulent mixture is to be warmed over a low heat or in a bain-marie. It can be served with a potato dish or with green beans.

A Employee Gift dedicated to gourmets

Make way for a collaborator gift for lovers of good food. The Sauveterre house, creator of gourmet moments, has decided to combine the tender and fleshy flesh of the can with a creamy porcini sauce. Delicate forest flavors emerge from the preparation, with a slight nutty aroma that comes from the mushrooms. Find this CE gift on Cadeaux Hightech, presented in a 350 gram jar.

A CE kdo different from others

It is common for companies to offer a personalised company gift to their employees. Try a new kind of company gift by opting not for an object, but for food, especially during the holiday season. Thanks to the Hightech Gifts website, you will have the opportunity to order onlinedeli as gifts that of your choice with a very wide choice of items according to your budget.

Preparation tip :

The preparation can be heated over a low heat or in a bain-marie, between ten and fifteen minutes. Do not hesitate to accompany it with green beans or potatoes.

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