Gift of this salmon duo

The Sauveterre house is no longer to be presented thanks to its perfect mastery of the art of cooking. Discover one of its authentic recipes based on salmon in the Hightech Gifts corporate gift catalogue. This corporate gift is a delicious spread that can be enjoyed at any time!

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In general, a business always plans a certain amount of money to buy gifts, especially at the end of the year. It is up to the works councils to choose the Corporate Committee Gift that best suits each event. Stock up on personalized CE gift on Hightech Gifts.

An exceptional CE gift

Works councils meet regularly to honour the tradition of the kdo CE. Thanking employees for the work they have done has become a systematic act. It takes the form of offering a Corporate Committee Gift to each employee. Hightech Gifts makes you discover the original recipes of the house Sauveterre to order online to make collaborator gifts.

CE salmon duo gift, a fabulous corporate committee gift idea

The irresistible taste of this duo of salmon makes it a perfect gift to thank employees. This preparation based on seafood has been developed by the expert hands of the house Sauveterre. The flavors are harmonious thanks to the combination of salmon, smoked salmon and lime cream. The creamy texture is perfect for making toast or small verrines for the aperitif. To make a simple snack, just spread the mixture on fresh bread.

A cheap corporate committee gift to order online

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Maison Sauveterre offers you seafood spreads with a finesse and authenticity that is rarely found anymore. With traditional recipes, Sauveterre has a know-how that leaves no room for error. The tastes are just right and the texture perfectly mastered...

On toast, in a glass jar or on fresh bread, to accompany an avocado salad or smoked salmon, use the two-salmon and lime spread as you wish!

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