Dark chocolate bite-size business gift

Gourmets will immediately fall under the spell of this dark chocolate bite. This delicate creation can be an impressive business gift for your clients or employees at Christmas. Confectionery will be in the spotlight during the festivities, and this business gift will take pride of place.

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This candy is a pure marvel for the lovers of cocoa products, because it combines several of them at the same time. It is recommended by Cadeaux Hightech, a a renowned specialist in the world of business gifts. It will be a Gift Business not to be missed to please your partners.

A Business Gift to surprise

A Business Gift is most effective when it encompasses a certain mystery. Many business gifts consist of classic products such as pens, caps and other goodies, but this product is truly extraordinary. It is also important to recognise that confectionery is becoming more and more common in the personalised business giftsThis is an unusual product because of the way it is made and the ingredients it contains. It therefore has a great surprise effect that will be much appreciated by your partners.

A business gift with unbeatable taste

One of the greatest assets of this dark chocolate bites is its unique flavour. It is concocted from a tangy ganache of dark chocolate of Vietnamese origin and cocoa bean slivers or nibs, all coated with chocolate product. This is a business gift that will be unrivalled in its taste, given the finesse of the main ingredient. This business gift will improve your company's standing.

A very interesting business gift

This corporate gift is first of all very interesting because of its gustatory quality and the pleasure it can give. However, this corporate gift also has another significant advantage in terms of price. It is a customer gift that does not cost much and that you can personalise, while seducing your customers, suppliers and employees. A confectionery in which all the flavours of a pure dark chocolate are revealed for a delicate and refined creation.

Price displayed for 100g.

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