Sichuan black pepper business gift

For a company, the choice of a Business Gift is a crucial operation. Customers like to be surprised by unusual gifts. Let yourself be tempted by a useful business gift in the kitchen. The Higtech Gifts website offers you a wonderful culinary journey with an original seasoning!

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Sichuan pepper is offered as Gift Business on Hightech Gifts. Discover a blend of spices with full-bodied flavors to be used both in savory dishes and in certain desserts, a company gift which does not lack originality. Order this product online on your supplier site in corporate gift.

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To help companies find good business gift ideas, the Hightech Gifts website has selected and gathered a large number of products. The quality-price ratio is at the rendezvous on this site of online sales of personalized business gifts. Simply select an item from the various categories available and indicate the number of copies you require. You can request a quote for the insertion of a logo or a personalised message.

A Gift Business for the pleasure of cooking

We suggest a unique Business Gift to order on the Hightech Gifts site. This is Nepalese Timur pepper. Harvested in the traditional way from the forests of Nepal, this variety has fresh flavors complemented by pronounced citrus notes. It was originally widely used in Szechuan cuisine, but it has become a key ingredient in Western cuisine. This customer gift is ideal for flavoring and spicing up dishes while bringing a good touch of originality.

A tasty idea for a business gift

Don't hesitate to offer your customers unusual business gifts. The Sichuan black pepper is offered as a customer gift by the Hightech Gifts website. This product is related to the Rutaceae family and has a slight lemony aftertaste. It can be combined with other spices depending on the recipe and is perfectly suited to beef. This original Business Gift is also recommended for dessert, with chocolate or fruit salad. The company that works with this pepper specialises in the cultivation and wild harvesting of spices in the mountains of Nepal.

How to use this organic Timur pepper ? You can use it with many dishes, do not hesitate to marry it with other spices, its taste will be even better. You can also dare to be original by incorporating it into your fruit salads or other desserts, its citrus notes blend perfectly with sweetness.

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