Himalayan pink salt company gift

The famous pink salt from the Himalayas is proposed as a Business Gift to pamper your most loyal customers. Used in the kitchen by great chefs, this unique ingredient will be a memorable business gift. This unique business gift can be ordered online on your personalised business gift website, Hightech Gifts.

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A business gift with a history

Discover a customer gift of the most special: the pink salt of the Himalayas. It is the result of the slow evaporation of water from the Tethys Ocean due to tectonic movements and the collision of the Indo-Australian and Eurasian plates, giving rise to the Himalayan chain. Salt deposits rich in minerals and trace elements then took place in the region more than 200 million years ago. Find this business gift easily on the online shop Cadeaux Hightech.

Perfect seasoning with a business gift

The corporate gift salt Himalayan pink is a business gift to season your various dishes in the kitchen: meat, fish and vegetables. It comes in the form of pink crystals. It is necessary to grind it in a mill with a ceramic head before using it. Hightech Gifts suggests a whole bag of this product to offer as a business gift. It will be particularly appreciated for its pinkish colour with iron oxides and its numerous minerals which help to detoxify the body.

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The slow evaporation of the waters of this ocean has left behind these pink salt crystals rich in minerals and trace elements (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, etc.).

This salt is extracted from salt mines. It is a "fossil" salt of rare purity.

It has long been brought down from the Himalayan foothills by local tribes on the back of yaks.

This is the story you will find in the film "L'enfance d'un chef" by Jacques Perrin.

Tasting This salt comes in the form of pinkish crystals. For a better taste, we advise you to grind it in a mill with a ceramic head (so it is not subject to salt corrosion). It goes well with meat, fish and vegetables.

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