Chocolate hazelnut bar corporate gift

This corporate gift for a chocolate bar with hazelnut chips is a treat to share with your colleagues, customers and collaborators during the holiday season. We therefore advise you to choose it as a business gift. It is a product from the Italian brand Venchi, the company gift it takes to really surprise the recipients.

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The holidays often mean chocolate! Cadeaux Hightech offers you this delicacy that you can give as a business gift for the end of the year, as part of the celebration of your company's anniversary or another special event. It is a business gift both authentic and delicious.

A business gift quality

Just look at the package of this corporate gift to make your mouth water. It is appetizing and elegant. The producer, Venchi, is an Italian chocolate company that promotes the culinary tradition of its country. The brand stands for high quality and this is the case with this unique business gift. To show your gratitude to the people who are loyal to your company, give them this first-class business gift.

A business gift personalized

As a great reference for personalised business gifts, Cadeaux Hightech allows you and strongly advises you to add your logo or a personalised text on this customer gift straight from Italy. This way, when your employee, partner, supplier or customer tastes this delicious milk and hazelnut sweet from Piedmont, he will remember your company and this nice mark of attention. You will also have a business gift that reflects your brand.

A business gift tasteful

The sweets are commonplace during the holiday season, but this one stands out from all the rest. It makes you discover or rediscover the gourmet flavours of its country of origin. Piedmont hazelnuts are a high-quality ingredient, which will delightfully enhance the tasting experience. With a light roasted taste, this corporate gift promises to delight the whole family, a real treat for young and old alike.

The light roasted taste of hazelnuts combines with the sweetness of milk chocolate.

From time to time, we find a certain similarity with praline in the mouth. A very tasty bar!

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