Vine leaves business gift

This jar of vine leaves stuffed with rice is an excellent accompaniment to fish or meat. You can give it to your partners as a business gift to impress them. With this kind of Business Gift, you will flatter the beneficiaries, given the various virtues of the product.  

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A good meal as a business gift is always a pleasure, especially for gourmets or lovers of good food. This product is therefore well suited to make an impressive Gift Business for your partners. It is a corporate gift to maintain your various external relationships.

A Business Gift with interesting virtues

The vine leaf is a food that can be very useful for health, especially for diarrhoea, heavy legs, bleeding and many others. This elegant looking jar contains several of them, stuffed with rice, and can make an exquisite Business Gift. This product has a great taste, with a soft filling and a thin leaf that is not stringy. A business gift of this kind will therefore be very interesting for everyone.

A company gift to personalise

The personalised business gifts are more profitable for those who give them, as they become easily recognisable. It is therefore important to focus the business gift in this direction. Business gifts can be very varied within your company, but this beautiful product must be attached to your name, so that its nobility is also transferred to you. The public's view of you and your business gift will then be the same.

A business gift for the holidays

Business gifts of a food nature such as this product are very suitable for the festive season. Many people prepare meals with family and friends, and these times are opportunities to use this customer gift. The delicacy of this product is sure to be a hit, and will propel you into a bright financial future. Indeed, this Corporate Gift vine leaves will be your representative to the public.

What could be more classic than grape leaves? Except that... unlike other brands, these are not stringy, the leaf is thin and the filling is soft.

To make matters worse, the producer is a Slow Food member! These organic vine leaves stuffed with rice go well with your meat and fish.

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